Growing together

Zoe – Strollers, tricycles, everything for your baby

We at Zoe have always been close to you and your children. We have chosen to create products that meet the needs of the youngest children, without forgetting mom and dad. Born from the parental experience of our founders, over the years we have based our philosophy on one word: listening.

We create products for children in growing stage with help from experts and requests of our users, to support you and your child throughout the journey from birth to end of childhood.

Growing together is a motto, but also our company philosophy. We grow with you, so you can grow with us.


Zoe offers a selection of ‘made-to-measure’ strollers. Only the best models, designed and developed to meet the needs and habits of moms and dads everywhere. Lightweight strollers to move around with agility, and grow up experiencing the world together.


The best adventure companions for children. Zoe’s tricycles for babies are designed to be safe first and foremost, as well as beautiful, fun and complete with comfort and function. After their first steps, Zoe accompanies the little ones on their first rides.

Backpacks for Moms and Dads

Moms and dads needs to be comfortable too, especially when they need to carry everything their children needs. Our practical backpacks are perfectly finished, well designed, lightweight and created to hold everything you need organised. Zoe is always by your side.

The adventure of growing up together

At Zoe, we believe in what we create, and we show this every day through our work and our constant dialogue with our customers.
The four cornerstones of our corporate philosophy are always the same:

  • Quality of materials: we only choose materials that are carefully selected to be safe, suitable for the child and is useful without being dangerous.
  • Attention to the child’s needs: our designers work to create baby-friendly strollers and tricycles, which by design meet the child’s intuition and help him/her develop.
  • Innovation: a state-of-the-art research department allows us to develop solutions that are always in line with the latest technological requirements and standards, offering modern and efficient products.
  • Responsibility and family: We care about all families, and design products that are inclusive and universal. Furthermore, our social commitment is reflected in our initiatives for the planet and in the campaigns we promote.

The numbers of Zoe

We are strong in creating, but we can also count well!
Zoe‘s numbers speak for themselves. The serious ones, but also the lighter ones.
Every stroller, every backpack for moms/dads sold, and the consequences of it are simply fantastic.

Strollers sold
Ice creams eaten together
Cuddles made with mom and dad per day
Backpacks that made moms/dads lighter
Zoe is listening.

Write us now, to grow together!

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